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This song is being made available "free-of-charge" for all news media who wish to responsibly utilize this song with their news stories.  Should you wish to interview songwriter Larry Williams and/or members of the band Perfect Circle - contact information is listed below and we are more than happy to consider such a request.  Our intention of making this song available to media is consistent with the manner in which the song was originally released nearly two decades ago.  Its intended purpose has always been to touch peoples lives and emotionally move them to take action.  There is still a great need for everyone to become involved and help this family through this time.  There is a heartwarming message in this song that still needs to be heard.  Every story needs a soundtrack . . . and the song "Jaycee Lee" is an emotional and moving tribute that captures the true essence felt by Jaycee's family, friends, volunteers and concerned citizens during the time of the original search effort.  

An important message from songwriter Larry Williams:  Please beware of inaccurate information that is out there regarding the Jaycee Lee Dugard search effort. I can site many inaccuracies with news reports and documentary specials. On-line internet encyclopedias are full of inaccuracies and manipulations written and edited by virtual strangers having no knowledge whatsoever of this case. With a story such as this there is bound to be opportunists who claim knowledge and involvement when such did not exist.  Rely upon individuals with factual video and documentation to support their claims of involvement.  I offer the below media footage and detailed documentation to support my factual story of support for this wonderful family.  I am very proud to have served the Probyn family as a very close confidant and contributor to their efforts to find their daughter.


Performed by Perfect Circle / Written by Larry Williams

Spoken Words:  by Terry Probyn (Jaycee's Mom)

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To contact songwriter Larry Williams . . . please call 775-885-2222 or e-mail

To contact singer Terry Gerard or musical arranger Gary Douglas . . . please call 775-771-1229 or e-mail

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