GREAT NEWS!!! For a limited time you can now listen to or download the song Jaycee Lee for FREE!!!


Performed by Perfect Circle / Written by Larry Williams

Spoken Words:  by Terry Probyn (Jaycee's Mom)

You can also download the song JAYCEE LEE at the on-line music stores listed below!

We are pleased to announce that the song "Jaycee Lee" has been distributed worldwide to various on-line music stores for 99 cent download.  All proceeds from the sale of this song will benefit The Jayc Foundation


A few words from songwriter Larry Williams -  My story of community involvement is one that I hope motivates others to become active in causes within their community.  I started out as someone who never wanted to become involved.  But in doing so, it has changed my life completely and opened up a whole new world that is rich with love, respect, appreciation and accomplishment.

This website has been created for the sole purpose of sharing the story behind the song "Jaycee Lee" - that was written and recorded in 1992 to aid in the search effort of Jaycee Lee Dugard.  It was important to construct this website as an updated version of the original cassette tape that was made available to media and the general public.  Every effort has been made to make this website a "viral version" of it's original form - to include: audio players, donation information (ie: Jaycee's Trust Fund), lyrics, story line, pictures, project credits and media contact information. 

It is my sincere hope that the song I have written will touch people's lives and move them to help Jaycee and her family.  The Probyns (Terry, Carl & Shayna) are wonderful people whom I have the deepest respect for.  I am committed, as I was back in the early 90's, to assist their efforts in any way possible.  This song is my contribution and I hope it inspires others to never stop giving and never stop believing for a better tomorrow.